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"Justifiable Homicides" Up in the D

Let’s have a chat about this video.

First-watch it. 

Second-Pretty sure Charlie LeDuff is the one redeeming factor at our local Fox station. Way to go, guy. He’s a little rough around the edges, making me feel like he’s actually doing some legit investigating and not taking/talking shit. I like it.

Thirdly-I’d really like to hear some weigh-ins on this issue. Is there a such thing as a “justifiable homicide?” And why? With the lack of funds the state is providing to our public safety department, those of us living in Detroit might actually have to contend with this concept. Is it ever right to kill another person, even if your life is being threatened? And how are we supposed to cope with the aftermath of this issue?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why it’s so important that we keep up on these issues. Do you think with an “emergency financial manager” this issue will be taken care of? No longer will we have to worry about defending ourselves with such force? Or will this just magically disappear once more funds are funneled into our PSD? I know you’ve seen tons of videos making the same point, including the EMT truck on NYE. (If you haven’t, view here: I’m just asking, when will this be over?

And lastly-is this new type of journalism working for Fox2? I haven’t seen DIV or any other stations for that matter calling out the lack of public safety funding in the D. And quite honestly, according to the latest DET poll (What would it take to get YOU to move to the D-listen here: more public safety is a legitimate issue among suburbanites. It looks to me like Fox2 is looking to make a difference. Any thoughts?


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