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Two restaurant owners want to rebuild a western Michigan barn from the 1880s in Detroit as a venue for events such as weddings, an art gallery or some other new use.

Scott Lowell and Carolyn Howard, the married co-owners of the Traffic Jam and Snug Restaurant, told the Detroit Free Press that they had the roughly 7,500-square-foot wooden barn disassembled, loaded onto a flatbed trailer and trucked to Detroit.

Batch owner Steven announced Friday it is indeed moving forward with plans, albeit at a different location. Company co-founder Steven Roginson said the build-out at the large, historic Corktown building at 1444 Michigan Ave. was becoming too cumbersome, and so the brewing company is instead opening at 1400 Porter St., which is also in Corktown.

"It’s definitely more turn-key than the space we were in, but there’s certainly some work that needs to be done," Roginson said of 1400 Porter.

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